What’s it all about?


Oxjam Manchester Takeover is a series of events happening throughout the year and all leading up to an urban music festival in October.

This music extravaganza essentially raises money for Oxfam in order to support those less fortunate than ourselves both close to home and in distant lands. We also want to raise awareness of the amazing work that Oxfam do by engaging with as many people across Greater Manchester as possible and what a better way to do that than with music!

Through the Takeover we want to offer opportunities for businesses and organisations to work together in creating a real community spirit to promote a wider awareness of the fight against poverty and injustice. We are fortunate in so many areas of Greater Manchester with our relatively stable economic position, access to healthcare and our education system. However, for many even sanitary and water provisions are scarce.

We ask you to get involved in any way possible: spread the word, sponsor an event or run your own, share our news and donate if you can.