Meet the team

Emily – Takeover Manager 

Emily first got involved with Oxjam Manchester in 2013 when she was a volunteer at the Takeover event. Having been part of the Takeover Production Team for the last two years, 2016 sees her first year as Takeover Manager. Outside of Oxjam, Emily is also studying a part time Masters in Arts Management, Policy and Practice at The University of Manchester, where she also works, and is also involved with Sofar Sounds, and is the Venues Manager for the Manchester Sofar Team.

Dally – Marketing, Social Media and Event Organiser 
Dally currently works in Higher Education and has volunteer experience across a broad range of events. She joined Oxjam to combine her love for live music events with her drive to do her part to help end poverty.
Gareth – Web developer / Event Organiser
I’m in charge of the website and I’m currently organising our climbing event in September. I was a street volunteer last year and loved the vibe so much I wanted to get more involved. I’m at gigs constantly so this is a great way to engage with the music scene and do some real good!
Hannah – PR and Event Organiser 

The thing about volunteering with Oxjam is that you can get back as much as you put in. Of course, the festival is about raising awareness and financial support for the amazing work that Oxfam do, but with that comes tonnes of opportunity and experience in return.

My obsession with music began in an incredibly boring summer between my second and thirds years at university. As a distraction I delved into the world of music blogging and haven’t looked back. Since then I’ve been the New Music Editor at online magazine Unrecorded, interned at a music streaming service, scouted for record labels, and now I’m doubling up my roles as the Editor of music discovery community HumanHuman and as the founder of my own music press company Colony PR.

In retrospect, this all sounds pretty great, but there have been a few drawbacks. Coming from a world of online music journalism and PR had resulted in a lack of knowledge around organising events and the logistics behind live music. Well, that’s where Oxjam has come in. Since joining the takeover team, I’ve learnt so much about events, promotion, sponsorship and the wonderful Oxjam ethos that is “local music, global change”.

Imola Kurucz
Being a newbie to both Manchester and event management isn’t necessarily a disadvantage if you give all yourself to the team! As a musician and as a marketer I hope I will be able to help the Oxjam Takeover team as much as I’m hopingcan help a big deal for the Oxjam Takeover.